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Ukraine: Investigative reporter Vadym Komarov dies after six weeks in a coma

UPDATE: 20 June, 2019, the Ukrainian journalist Vadym Komarov that has been in a coma since the attack on 4 May, died in the hospital in the night from Wednesday…

No impunity: Who killed journalist Pavel Shemeret?

Before his death, Pavel Sheremet was one of Ukraine’s leading investigative journalists. He most notably investigated government corruption and border smuggling in his native Belarus, leading to his arrest in 1997 but winning him CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award in the process. He was detained, harassed and arrested because of his work. Then, in 2016, he was assassinated. And Ukrainian authorities still have not uncovered who’s to blame.

Illiberal democracies: Awash in media without plurality

Visitors to Eurasian countries — Turkey, Russia, Ukraine or, to a lesser extent, Azerbaijan — might be impressed by the sheer number of domestic television channels that offer news programming. But all the coverage doesn’t translate into media plurality.